D.I.Y: Oriental Hair Mask made from Hindoo herbs

brahmi.jpgDecent hair care routine can be perceived as a time-consuming procedure. However, if we thought about it a little bit more, we would come up with a conclusion that in greater extend, our time is devoted to finding essential information rather than to application of cosmetics itself. One of the newest trends connected with hair care is coating strands with Indian herbs and oils used for Ayurvedic traditional medicine. Here is the recipe for highly concentrated Oriental Hair Mask based on four most favourable herbs growing in regions of the Middle East.

What will you need?

1. Brahmi herbal oil (base ingredient of the hair mask)
2. Dry herb of Eclipta Alba (a.k.a. Bhringraj) 3. Amla herb in a form of oil or dry
4. Powdered Shikakai nuts
6. Nettle root extract

How to prepare Oriental Hair Mask?

The base ingredient of Oriental Hair Mask should be Brahmi oil. However, if you find it difficult to obtain the oil, you can use dry Brahmi and mix it with pure water. Next, combine Brahmi with one spoon of the remaining extracts of Indian plants (Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai) and nettle. If you want to, you can add a little bit of royal jelly, honey or aloe gel. You can choose the ingredient you like most. Obviously, it is advised to pick the substance that will answer your hair needs and improve action of the hair mask.

The consistency of Oriental Hair Mask should be dense yet runny enough to make it easy to distribute to hair without splashes. This mud-like mass has to be applied to scalp, massaged and left for at least an hour. If the mask is oil-free (when we use only powdered ingredients) then we can keep it on our hair even longer without the risk of weighting strands down. However, it is crucial to coat hair with a foil cap or a towel because it is possible for Oriental Hair Mask to flake off while drying out.

What are the expected outcomes Oriental Hair Mask produces?

After shampooing, a noticeable improvement of hair condition will be obvious. Regular application of Oriental Hair Mask will produce outcomes in a form of visible hair reinforcement. What is more, strands become denser and more flexible. It is worth pointing out that after first 2-3 applications of the mask, hair might get rough and stiff. This kind of side effect is rather typical for natural Indian hair cosmetics. However, it is nothing to worry about.